I have this webpage and also a new Facebook page especially for all the people that have been interested in my story's it is nice to see you in real for a chat and hear your story it is good to talk here is the link below to my Facebook page link below you might have to copy and paste it. and put it in the search bar and it will pop up but don't forget to look at my blog page for storys  


Please click on the menu button and click on my blog, I have written some stories and poems and also there are stories from other people. if you have a story you want to be published please email me and we will take it from there id love to hear from you, Even if you just want to have a chat I'm here to listen not to judge I also made a Facebook page just for this site so people can talk freely about what they want also one-two one chat if you prefer that here is the FB link 


all ya gotta do is either copy or paste it  into or it says 


and add me as a friend as I did not get any yet hope to see all my friends 

hello my name is Lisa Coleman, I am 40 years young,

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